Meike Schönhütte is a German dancer and choreographer, living in Spain since 1998. The mix of the body in movement and videoart are her instruments of expression.
Her work is inspired by the cinematographic works of Maya Deren and the video-installations of Pipilotti Rist. In Berlin she created her first “Tanzinstallation” in art galleries such as “Le Manége”, “Arteshock” or “Tacheles”, located on the now famous Oranienburger Strasse during the 90s. Where she experimented for the first time with a group of dancers the possibilities of mixing video and movement.
Arriving in Spain at the end of the same decade, she went deeper into video-dance and created different online projects with other artists.
Meike Schönhütte has collaborated with several theater and film projects in Malaga, as a dancer, choreographer, and organizer.
She studied classical dance at the “Institut für Bühnentanz Köln” (Germany).
Her work as a dancer took her to theaters such as the “Helsinki City Theater” under the direction of Jorma Uotinen, “Phantom of the Opera” “Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin”,
“Seefestspiele Mörbisch – A Night in Venice” (Austria), etc. She has worked as a dancer and choreographer on television and at events for major brands across Europe, and as an assistant choreographer at the “Staatsoper Unter den Linden” (national opera) in Berlin with David Sutherland.
As a guest dancer and choreographer, she has participated in numerous performances in Berlin (Neue Gemäldegalerie, Pyro Space Ballet, Künstlerhof Buch, Tacheles) and Malaga (Thyssen Museum, Malaga Provincial Council, Espacíu of the University of Málaga, La Térmica). She has collaborated with “Málaga Danza Teatro” (Thomé Araújo), “El Espejo Negro/Ángel Calvente” or the author Angélica Goméz, she has also been an assistant choreographer in the film by Antonio Banderas, “El camino de los ingleses(Summer Rain).
Between 2005 and 2009 she has worked mainly in research on the integration of new media on stage, and created the show Danzopoly, with her Bytedanza project that was subventioned by the Junta de Andalucía. Since then she has worked on numerous projects, both theatrical and commercial (director of the Unicaja Baloncesto cheerleader team for five seasons, works for Movistar Plus, Madison Beach Volleyball, and various singers).
As an organizer Meike has been working at “Tanz im August”, Berlin for several years. The experience she made during that time helped her to develop dance projects for the province of Málaga like for example “Aproximación a la danza contemporánea” in collaboration with Malaga Danza Teatro where several contemporary dance teachers worked during two years in different small villages of the province to broaden the public for this dance form; creating dance choreographies together with the people from the chosen villages. Later she developed several formats to bring dance into public schools like for example “1+1= dance”. She is also the founder of the festival “Dance, Sea and Sun” which took place during the three editions and had to be canceled because of the lack of support from the local authorities.
Since 2012 she has directed the Atelier de la danza, a production and dance eduction center in Torremolinos, Málaga.

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